“Nature is not a place to visit. It is home.”

– Gary Snyder

In a very real sense, mountains and valleys, the seas and the skies, the sun and the earth, the trees and the flowers constitute our home, our natural habitat.
The connection with the land combined with the kinship we would have felt with other living things that shared the land as their home has hardwired in us a strong sense of the natural world as ‘home’, and the importance of connection with all of life as being essential to our well-being.
Contact with the wild is a purely pleasurable experience. It is intrinsically rewarding. Consider the cornucopia of sensual experiences involved in this healthy hedonism which we are all familiar with
Winds are wild, and sometimes destructive. When we look deeply into the nature of wind, when we reflect on its life, its journey to us, we can see the interconnected nature of all things. The light from the sun travels to the surface of the earth, where air is heated unevenly over land and sea causing it to expand and rise at different rates until this rising and displacing air builds in billowing gusts that rock the oceans and ripple the seas. The wind can make rag-dolls of trees, ripping them from their roots.

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